Jiefu Group was developed from Xiamen Jiefu Import & Export Co., Ltd. It was established in 2001, engaging in exporting canned food and types of edible mushroom. By attending trade exhibitions all around the world, Jiefu’s products have been widely accepted by many customers, with long-term and stable relationships, particularly in Eastern Europe and Russia.


Global financial crisis broke out in 2008, Jiefu attempted different business projects. Jiefu began a banana importing business from 2009. Till 2012, banana business became the main source of profit for the company. Since 2013, Jiefu has been well known all over China, becoming one of prominent fresh banana suppliers.


Jiefuteam Inc., was founded in the Philippines in 2014. After that, Jiefu set up a logistics park and refrigeration system for banana. In 2015, we began investing in banana packing material item and expand our banana industry chain.


At the beginning of 2016, Jiefu Group was formed. It’s logo filled with vigor red color, like an eagle opening its wings and soaring into sky, under the rising sun. “Jiefu” in Chinese means “elite makes wealth”, Jiefu is accordingly a people-oriented organization. Jiefu Group includes six subsidiaries:  Xiamen Jiefu Import & Export Co., Ltd which exports canned food and many type of edible mushroom; Shanghai Jiefu Fruit Industry Co., Ltd, which mainly deals in the production and marketing of bananas imported from Philippines; Xiamen OSOK Healthy Products Co., Ltd, which specializes as an banana agent and trader;  Xiamen XINHUIJIE Wood Industry Co., Ltd, which imports log and timber; Philippines Jiefu team Inc., which runs a logistics park and material production; And Zhangzhou Yurun Garden Industrial Co., Ltd, which focuses on garden tree planting and selling.


As a platform for those companies, Jiefu Group links them together with its enterprise values : “diligence, honesty, respection, and sharing”. Adhering to the operation philosophy of “profession, sincerity, efficiency”, Jiefu Group has not only developed efficient systems and procedures, but has also integrated fund resources, human resources and material resources to strength its subsidiaries. “Virtuous and talented exceptional reuse” as our employing principle, it transforms Jiefu Group into a partnership system, providing the opportunity for long-term employees to become part owners of Jiefu and grow together with the company. We welcome you to join us at Jiefu!